Friday, February 5, 2010

Marshmallow Pops

Remember these? I made these last Valentines Day & I thought I'd make a few real quick and post the tutorial in case anybody was looking for an easy teacher (or UPS man-hehe, my Dad's a UPS man) gift for Valentines Day next week or if you wanted to make a special little Valentine treat for your own kiddos!
Marshmallow Pops:

Big marshmallows-white & pink if you want
Almond bark
sucker sticks (Walmart $2 for 25 or short ones $2-3 for 50)
mini sacks (Walmart $2 for a bag of 50) & ribbon
1. Poke each marshmallow with a stick, melt chocolate in little bowls in microwave for 30 second intervals until smooth.
2. Dip marshmallow in chocolate and twist until excess drips off, immediately sprinkle with deco (over a cookie sheet for less mess), stick in play-doh to stand up straight.
3. Place in fridge to let chocolate set up before you wrap.
4. Once set up, remove & place one mini bag over marshmallow & tie each one closed, or take bigger cellophane sack & put in a whole bouquet of marshmallow pops & tie shut.

Love these cute little things! I've also seen Cake Pops that have cake covered in chocolate on a stick, someday I'll attempt those, but these are so easy & the kids can even help!
Then I had a brilliant idea! What about a smores version??!! So I made another one & sprinkled it with graham cracker bits!
Yes please!

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  1. Made these yesterday with Addison and she LOVED it! Thanks for the great idea!!!